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Thai Women’s Dream of a European Marriage: the Main Reasons


Today, many Thailand women are looking for ways to get married and go live in Europe. They actively use dating services: websites, marriage agencies and so on. And not always the main thing in a foreign husband is his money. Sometimes some feelings cannot be bought for any jewelry. There are several reasons for this:


  1. Color of the skin. Thais have an extraordinary reverence for white skin. The status of a person in this country is estimated by pallor, not sunburn. If you decide to find a couple in Thailand, then before getting acquainted with a Thai mail order bride, you do not need to take a sunbath. And if the white skin you still have the sky blue color and you are a blond guy, then all your secret is 90%;

  2. Nose. If you have a big aquiline nose, then do not rush to make plastic. Each country has its stereotypes. In Thailand, where everything has small, almost flat noses, such a nose is a pride and a dream;

  3. Experience, maturity. Many Thai men naturally behave like non-sane teenagers. They constantly slip a naive approach to personal life and the inability to make thoughtful decisions. And European men, even in their twenties, look at life soberly and thoughtfully. Besides, Thai women are not particularly spoiled by the attention of their men, who will never give up their place in public transport, will not offer all possible assistance in domestic matters and will not even help them to carry heavy packages from the supermarket, but will simply walk alongside;

  4. "Wide" soul. The life of a Thai woman is boring and monotonous. And then there is a handsome Western, whose generosity knows no bounds. The Thai bride, in this case, considers such a man just a prince;

  5. European man is a treasure. Thai women, especially from poor families, are accustomed to male violence in the family. The fact that a Thai man beats his wife is of no interest to the police or other social services in Siam. And so, for some reason, they believe that all European men are good and gentle males;

  6. The last chance. Thai men will not marry a "fallen" woman or one who worked in a bar. In short, the Thais do not need a “used model”. And even more so, they will not pay Thai ransom for their parents and relatives according to the tradition. But the western guys in love do not know all the subtleties and are deprived of the prejudices of Thailand.


The Attractiveness of Thai Ladies


Most men around the world believe that Thailand is home to very attractive women. It seems that the girls of Thailand have some hidden recipe for eternal youth. Indeed, many beautiful Thai women look much younger than other women of their age. This attracts men, as well as grace and incredible slimness, which almost all girls from this paradise possess, which is their characteristic feature.

Thai girls are very hardworking, they are taught from the very childhood to take care of their reputation. Before marriage, as a rule, the girl lives with her parents, so that there is no reason for others to dismiss the compromising rumors about her. Girls are brought up in obedience and respect for their parents. This feature is very attractive to men from other countries. A wife from Thailand will always respectfully and respectfully treat parents, trying to provide them a decent old age with all their strength.

Men are very attracted by the wisdom demonstrated by mail order brides from Thailand. This is not an acquired quality, but a trait that has been brought up since childhood. If you look at it, it’s not at all in wisdom, but in the fact that Thai single ladies are taught to make concessions and not deliver any inconvenience to a loved one. From here a readiness to compromise is gradually being formed, and even in some cases to give in so that the husband is comfortable and convenient. Thai people are not accustomed to burdening themselves with their problems and concentrating on this. Most often, the Thai wife does not make scandals at all, does not clarify the relationship, she behaves as if nothing terrible is happening in the family. Even if the marriage is on the verge of disintegration or the fact of adultery is present, she pretends to believe the words of the spouse. Such humility and willingness to accept the situation as it is very convenient for men, but this does not mean that the wife knows nothing and does not understand.

Obedience and some tacit agreement with the current situation is a feature that distinguishes Thailand girls from European ones. Girls from Western countries, as a rule, are not accustomed to restrain their indignation. A Thai girl from childhood is accustomed to the fact that you can not show your displeasure, you just need to adjust to the situation.


Cultural Nuances of the West are Very Attractive for Thai mail order brides


Thai women are very familiar with the culture and traditions of Western countries. Maybe that's why they are looking for an opportunity to meet and  marry a foreigner. Thai brides are well aware of the difference between their own country and Europe:


  • The most important value of Westerners is independence. It is curious that in Thai you will not find even a relevant translation of this word. The closest synonym is the word "freedom." Therefore, many Thai mail order brides do not understand the desire for independence: after all, no one is going to imprison you! But independence in the understanding of farang has, of course, a completely different meaning. It means complete independent control of all aspects of one’s own life. An independent person decides for himself what to buy, where to live, with whom to sleep, whom to marry or marry. Even your opinion about other people may be dictated by independence or lack of it;

  • Of course, both Western and Thai parents teach their children some basic things: wash, clean, cook. All children attend school and then acquire a profession to be able to earn a living. However, the ultimate goals of this training differ in the two cultures. Girls from Thailand will strive to learn everything listed to help their parents subsequently. The older the children, the greater the responsibility placed on them. It is assumed that over time, the daughter will be able to fully support both themselves and relatives. Moreover, this is by no means a burden to her, and in general, she is satisfied with both sides. Besides, the Thais believe that children who are well cared for their parents will be rewarded in the next life;

  • In countries with Western culture, family accommodation is selected so that each has a separate room. Farang must have her to feel happy. In the room, he does what he wants, fills it with his things that others might not like. This is his personal space, where other people cannot invade. Sometimes he uses it to just be alone. The situation with Thai brides is quite different. They love being in a big company. It can be family activities, trips, shopping. They decided to get together in a large company, wait for those who are late, if there are any, and then boot tight into one car, despite the tightness.

Top Secrets About Mail Order Brides From Thailand 


Before you go to Thailand dating sites in hoping to find a Thai bride, you need to find out some interesting facts about the Thais and determine for yourself which of them you can live with, and which not:

  • In the life of most Thai women, religion (Buddhism) is an integral part. It is normal for them to go to the temple, having the last 10 dollars in their pockets and not knowing when they will earn the next, give 9.5 dollars to the temple and pray for the Buddha to give money. Interestingly, the Thais will go exactly to the temple, in which they want to go today, it does not matter that this temple is two hundred kilometers, and it looks like it is just across the road;

  • In the life of Thai women, the family is always in the first place, and the family for them is primarily parents, not spouses. The thesis that parents need help in spite of everything is driven into his head from childhood and sits there until his death. For the sake of even petty help, parents are forgiven for lies and many other sins in our understanding;

  • Thai brides are very hot. This is somehow since casinos are prohibited in Thailand. I do not know what the cause and what is the consequence. Popular underground gambling halls, bets on Thai boxing, online casinos. A fairly common scheme: today is the salary of 15 thousand baht, I will send my mother to the village of 5 thousand, I will go to put 9 thousand in the casino, tomorrow I will go to the temple with the last thousand and pray to live to the next salary;

  • Thai women can take a loan at a huge interest and spend money on trinkets. Lay a wedding ring to buy a fashionable T-shirt, for them, too, is normal;

  • Part of the female population of Thailand (the one that works in the service of tourists) is obsessed, no, just moved on fashion and expensive rags. Thai will tolerate the society of stinky old men from Europe as long as they like to buy new shoes from Hess. Bargirl earns very good money, but they never linger in the pockets of girls. 50% will be spent on clothes (which will go to the closet forever in a day or go straight to the garbage bin), 10% will immediately go to parents, 5% will live, the rest will be earned by the casino or huckster;

  • Thai food always contains rice and pepper. No, they are mostly in tourist cities, they love other cuisines, but they still constantly eat rice and some spicy side dishes/soups. Be prepared for a gastronomic change, marrying a Thai woman;

  • Girls from Thailand often pee in the shower. Going into the shower after secretly, you can often smell the smell of “someone missed the toilet”. Moreover, many are not shy about doing “this” with a partner. Seeing the pensive face expression of the girl standing with you under the water jets, you should know - it's too late to run away. Well at least baths and pools are still outside the affected area;

  • Thai girls never care about politics. In Thailand, Lese Majesty's very strict law is a punishment for disrespectful utterance/action against the King or a member of the royal family. To argue about the wealth of the elderly monarch and the intrigues of the royal house can only be in the circle of foreigners. And it is better to be silent in general - foreign journalists note a growing number of denunciations. Fear of Thais before this law is quite real. 


The Way of Impressing Hot Thai mail order bride


If you want to be loved, and not perceived as a bag of money, use the following tips:


  1. Fidelity. Thai girls appreciate this quality in guys. Almost every review concerning the features of the Thais' mentality suggests that Thai men themselves do not consider anything bad to use the services of prostitutes from time to time and can without shame of conscience report this to their wife;

  2. Respect for Thai traditions and culture. If you stick to them, then you are an invaluable bridegroom;

  3. Youth. Young guys have more chances than retirees. Unless, of course, the pensioner is not an oligarch;

  4. Clothing. No - all beach clothes (shorts, T-shirts, flip-flops). At least you should wear jeans, a shirt, and stylish shoes. As a maximum of pants, polished shoes and a strict blouse with long sleeves;

  5. Cool clock and phone. No - tattoos, they like only the secret from the bottom;

  6. White skin. Yes, it is white, and not dark with a bronze tint. Thai women just admire white skin (Thai men knowingly bathe in clothes). Many creams in stores in Thailand with a whitening effect;

  7. Body fit. Undoubtedly, secretly like sports guys. Among Thai men, you rarely see guys with beer gizzards;

  8. Smile. Smile, gloomy guys do not like anywhere;

  9. Hygiene. Thai do not like sweaty and dirty men. Wash more often and use special deodorants;

  10. Growth and a mountain of muscles. If you are very tall and you have everything big, a secret person will be very careful when choosing you to be the "suitors";

  11. Alcohol. Drunk and overuse, secretly bypass;

  12. Income. You must have an income of at least 400-500 dollars (this is quite an optimal amount for Thailand, according to the Thais);

  13. Code of conduct. There are no “kisses” on the street with all of them - this is for a decent Thai girl there is a Taboo;

  14. Tongue. If you know at least a little (better more) Thai language, then your chances of success will increase significantly;

  15. The tone of speech. It is not necessary to speak secretly in a raised voice. In this they see direct aggression;

  16. Generosity. Do not be greedy for gifts. Thai people love that they not only give gifts all the time but also give them a certain amount in cash. If you truly love, it means you don’t feel sorry for the money for your beloved - all Thai brides think so.


The Main Signs that a Thai Girl Liked you


Pay attention to how she behaves while talking to you. There are several characteristic signs of the behavior of a Thai woman in the presence of her boyfriend. Physical contact is a common way that a Thai mail order bride can express an interest in a man. Playful tweaks or quick touches mean a lot when they come from girls! This means that she is looking for an opportunity to touch you, or even “accidentally” collide with you. Touching is an important part of the art of female flirting. Even shy Thai girls, who find it difficult to decide on a serious step, can tell about their sympathy with a light touch. Pay close attention to some things:


  • She puts her hand on her shoulder while greeting;

  • During the conversation, she brushed an invisible speck of dust from your shoulder? She likes you;

  • She leaned on you when leaving public transport;

  • Squeezes your hand lightly during an exciting conversation.


All men want girls whom they sympathize with, smile and stay in a good mood. For this, jokes and funny stories are used, which are not always as good as you think. If a Thai girl laughs at every joke, from your mouth, this is a sure sign that she liked you. Even the most unfortunate joke needs a positive assessment of the audience, and an intelligent Thai girl understands this very well.

Every time she enters a room full of people, her eyes first look for you. She enters, examines you, gives a slight smile, and then turns to her friends. Although the young lady turned away, it was you who was the first to whom she drew attention. Because she thought of you even before she entered this room. And most importantly: if you really like a Thai girl, then she will listen carefully to whatever you say. Thai bride will not interrupt or ignore you. She will actively support the conversation on any topic.


Thai Mail Order Bride: the Financial Side of the Issue


So, to find a faithful, beautiful, intelligent and young Thai mail order bride, you have to use the services of marriage agencies. It is best to use paid Thai dating sites that have a proven reputation. The services of such a marriage will cost you at least $ 10,000. However, this is not all. You will have to pay a bride price to her parents, it is obligatory according to an ancient tradition. And as you know, Thais honor their traditions very much. The cost of a Thai marriage depends on the type of Thai women for marriage:


  • The cheapest buyout is a prostitute. The Thais themselves rarely marry them and are mostly attached as gigolos. The former prostitutes are married for love by Thai men, paying the ransom to their parents, but not large, about 50 thousand baht. As for foreigners, even the prostitute will have to pay a ransom. Depending on the age and beauty of the Thai apprenticeship, you will have to pay from 100 thousand to 300.000 baht. And if you refuse to pay the ransom and continue to live in a so-called “civil marriage”, everyone in the district will despise you for lack of money (they do not understand the other), and your darling will be told why she is a poor bride and you will soon be parted;

  • Good Thai mail order bride, but not very educated. For example, they work in hypermarkets, service industries and other positions that do not require much intelligence. Ransom for such brides will be 100 - 300 thousand baht. Thais naturally pay 2 times less than a foreigner;

  • Young, beautiful, intelligent students who study in prestigious universities. Thais pay for these 300 thousand - 1 million baht. A foreigner must cook 500-2 million baht;

  • Self-made Thai girls under the age of 28 years. Which have not given birth and were not married. Occupy a high position in society, have a prestigious job, graduated from university. In this case, even Thais pay a minimum of one million baht or more. A foreigner can marry such a secret with a ransom amount of 2-3 million.


Final Thoughts


It should be remembered that the relationship with a Thai girl immediately provides material assistance to her and her family. You should not think that all relationships are worth only on money, it’s just the country that the daughter after marriage will help her parents, they invested in her education and upbringing, and now she is obliged to help them ensure a decent old age. In the country, everyone is accustomed to this state of affairs; besides, before entering into marriage, a man must pay a certain amount to his parents as a ransom. After marriage, the husband may not work at all. A Thai girl is brought up with a full understanding of the fact that if she alone will financially provide for her family, then this is perfectly normal. Choosing a wife from Thailand you can be sure that in a difficult moment she will be able to find any kind of job and help the family cope with the troubles. A woman for this period completely removes her personal needs and whims, the wishes and needs of her husband will come to the fore.

Thai women generally do not expect men to be willing to help with domestic affairs and in raising children. All household chores completely lie on the shoulders of his wife, for her it is pleasant and quite natural. Thai wife is most afraid that her husband will consider her a bad mistress and think that she is lazy and dirty. Although girls devote a lot of time to their appearance, they ideally do all the housework, creating a cozy space around them. It is very strange for men from other countries that a Thai girl might be offended by the presented bouquet or for trying to pick up heavy bags from her. This is a feature of education, to which you need to get used. It is better to give flowers at once in a pot, and all gentlemen's impulses must be left aside, otherwise, the girl will simply despise the man.


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